New rules of Pathology classes

The next pathology class will be online.

You need to install the Zoom application.
10 minutes before the start of the class according to the schedule, you will receive a letter from your teacher with a link to the video conference to your email. You need to follow the link, in the pop-up window confirm the launch of the Zoom application. After connecting to a video conference, you need to confirm the use of computer sound. You should have a webcam and a microphone.
Then your teacher will connect you to STEP-1 testing  according to the standard rules: you will have10 questions from the database for 10 min.
After that you will have an interview with the teacher on the topic of the class.
Also, your teacher will control your knowledge for previous topics. Each student will have an additional question from previous topics.
If for any reason you cannot connect to the video conference at the indicated time, you have to inform your teacher in advance with an explanation of the reason. In this case, the teacher will assign you the date and time of the class.