A new study-guide

Department of Pathology, Sumy State University
"Pathological Anatomy. Atlas of Macropreparations. Part 2.Pathology of Different Organs and Systems" 
Romanyuk A., Moskalenko R., Karpenko L., Kuzenko E., Budko H., Lyndin M., Reznik A., Piddubnyi A., Sikora V., Hyriavenko N., Diachenko O.
A new study guide "Pathological anatomy. Macropreparations. Part 2. Pathology of Different Organs and Systems" was published.
This study guide presents photos of gross specimens of Pathology Department's museum, detailed information about macroscopic pathology diagnosis, classification, aetiology
and complications of pathological processes.
This guide will be useful for students, medical interns and pathologists.
View and download the study guide on the site of the SSU repository: link.