Distance learning

Dear students! 

On October 9-24 all practical classes ("Pathology" and "Sectional cource") will be on-line. 

Zoom lectures

Dear students!

According to the Order of the Rector of SumDU 0671-I from 26.08.2020 "On the organization of the educational process in 2020/2021 academic year." all lectures will be in distant mode.
For the convenience of communication with the teacher, we inform you that the website of the department contains links to the personal video conference rooms of teachers of the Department of Pathology, which are in the section  "Staff of the department". To follow the link, click on the "Zoom" icon in your teacher's profile 


Rework of Pathology exam

Dear students, the rework of the Pathology exam will be on August 28 (Friday) from 12:00. 5 minutes before the start of the exam, we will put a link to the Zoom conference  on the main page of the Departments' web-site. Please note that you must have a stable Internet connection, connected and configured webcam and microphone . We also inform you that it will be impossible to join the conference later than 10 minutes after the start of the retake.

Pathology exam - 2020

Dear students!

 The Pathology exam will be in distant mode.

1. To get access to the exam, you should not have missed practical classes and lectures.

2. At the last practical class, you will have a STEP-1 on ALL topics from. You should use a “Base for exam” from department’s website to prepare for this test.

3. On the day of exam, at 8:00, an additional STEP-1 test session will begin for students who have not reached the threshold level (80%).

4. The day before exam, the head of your group has to bring COMPLETELLY filled albums of ALL students of the group to the Department of Pathology. In addition, the head of the group has to send the scanned first pages of credit books (with the student’s photo) or scanned student ID cards to identify the student during the exam to the department’s email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The subject line of the letter should indicate the number of your academic group.

5. 5-10 minutes before the exam starts, you will receive an email with a link to the video conference. To do this, you must have a stable Internet connection, a connected and configured webcam and microphone. If you miss an exam for technical reasons it mean that you’ve missed it without a valid reason.

6. You will be added to the new class entiteled “Pathology-EXAM2020” at mix.sumdu.edu.ua.  After that, in a video conference, you will have an oral interview about questions of your exam card, as well as microscopic and macroscopic diagnostics. Each student will get one typical microslide and one grossample and must indicate the name of the sample, the staining method (for microslides) and the main pathomorphological changes.

7. To close the Pathology you have to get a positive marks ALL tasks (STEP-1, theoretical answer, microscopic and macroscopic diagnostics).

New rules of Pathology classes

The next pathology class will be online.

You need to install the Zoom application.
10 minutes before the start of the class according to the schedule, you will receive a letter from your teacher with a link to the video conference to your email. You need to follow the link, in the pop-up window confirm the launch of the Zoom application. After connecting to a video conference, you need to confirm the use of computer sound. You should have a webcam and a microphone.
Then your teacher will connect you to STEP-1 testing  according to the standard rules: you will have10 questions from the database for 10 min.
After that you will have an interview with the teacher on the topic of the class.
Also, your teacher will control your knowledge for previous topics. Each student will have an additional question from previous topics.
If for any reason you cannot connect to the video conference at the indicated time, you have to inform your teacher in advance with an explanation of the reason. In this case, the teacher will assign you the date and time of the class.

Reworks at the department of Pathology

Dear students! According to the order of Medical Institute Director No. 0219r-62 04/03/2020 "Abour reworks of missed classes in quarantine", if you have missed practical or lecture classes, you you have to:
1. Contact your teacher. The teacher will fill out an application for rework and send it to your email.
2. You need to contact a dean’s office and pay. 
3. After the order (permission) is published, you have to book a date and time of your rework (usually monday15:00-17:00 or another times by agreement with your teacher). During the rework, you have to use a video communication system (Skype, Viber, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.) under the supervision of a teacher you have to pass a tests (min 80% of correct answers). You are allowed for oral answer only if you passed a computer tests.
If you have academic difference, you should contact the responsible teacher (Prof. A. Romanyuk or Associate Professor R. Moskalenko), provide to teacher your document (permission) and book a date and time of your rework.

Distance learning: UPDATE

Dear students!
During the class, you should learn the theoretical material on the topic of your class at  the mix.sumdu.edu.ua.
To do this, you can read also sections in the recommended textbooks. You can also watch videos at mix.sumdu.edu.ua.
You shoud look to micropreparations in an online atlas and draw pathological changes to your albums.
The theoretical part of the class includes the preparation of a thesis report of up to 3 pages with questions, as well as “STEP-1” tests in the section “Control”. Pay  your attention that your reports should be HANDWRITTEN.
We also emphasize that tests and your reports should be completed at day of your class according to the schedule. In case of delay, the student will receive bad mark.
Students of the 5th semester from March 23, 2020 to April 3, 2020 should prepare topic No. 2 "Adaptation and Compensation", students of the 6th semester -  topic "Digestive System Pathology".
If you have any technical difficulties, you can contact by phone +38 095 149 97 14 (assistant Artem Piddubnyi).

Education in quarantine

Dear students, ATTENTION!

According to the COVID-19 pandemics and order of the Rector of Sumy State University No. 0154-VI from March 12, 2020, Sumy State University declared quarantine from March 12 to April 3, 2020.


During the period of quarantine from March 12 to March 20, students should study the topic "Tuberculosis. Etiology, pathogenesis, morphogenesis, classification. Morphological characteristics of primary and hematogenous tuberculosis. Secondary tuberculosis, morphological characteristics" or "Blood circulation disorders" (V and VI semesters)


During the class, according to your schedule, you should use mix.sumdu.edu.ua platform to get access to all educational materials. You need to log-in to your personal account, read all materials and lectures, pass a tests, do practical work and upload theoretical work. If you are not registered in your personal account (cabinet.sumdu.edu.ua) you need to contact the Dean office of the Medical Institute for assistance.

After you have entered to your account, you should go to mix.sumdu.edu.ua website and select the “Pathology”, work out the theoretical material and undergo testing on the topic “Tuberculosis” in the section “Control” and download the theoretical work.

If you have any difficulties with access to your personal account - you can find all the training materials for VI semester here https://elearning.sumdu.edu.ua/s/e4-rsf, and for V semester here https://elearning.sumdu.edu.ua/s/5a-ryv


During the class you will get mark for computer control and for your thesis report.


For any technical questions, please call +38 095 149 97 14 (assistant Artem Piddubnyi).


Dear students!


We would like to remind you that on January 27, 2020 groups 736-741 and 747 will have anexam. You are admittedto the exam if you do not have missed lectures and practical classes, and have successfully completed the annual step (20-question test). If you did notpass this test you can try to passthe test on the day of the exam from 8 am.

Exam start at 9-00. It will consist of a theoretical part (theoretical questions for both semesters) and a practical part (histology sample).


We remind you that each student must have changeableshoes, a white coat, complted album and students’book.


Good luck on the exam!