Final pathology class

Dear students!

We just remind you that the end of semester is very soon. So, for access for the final pathology class, you need to rework all missed classes and lectures. The rework day is Monday, 4-6 pm.

If you have at least one bad mark ("2") for "STEP-1" tests during the semester, you need to get an admission to the final class (20 “STEP-1” tests for ALL topics of semester). You need to reach at least 18 correct answers, otherwise you are not allowed to the final class.

The final class is the last class of the semester. It consists of “STEP-1” tests (20 “STEP-1” tests for ALL topics of semester, at least 18 correct answers), an oral answer (cases 1-4 and all theoretical questions of the semester) and microscopic diagnostics (the completed first section of the album and one micropreparation for diagnostics).