Pathology exam - 2020

Dear students!

 The Pathology exam will be in distant mode.

1. To get access to the exam, you should not have missed practical classes and lectures.

2. At the last practical class, you will have a STEP-1 on ALL topics from. You should use a “Base for exam” from department’s website to prepare for this test.

3. On the day of exam, at 8:00, an additional STEP-1 test session will begin for students who have not reached the threshold level (80%).

4. The day before exam, the head of your group has to bring COMPLETELLY filled albums of ALL students of the group to the Department of Pathology. In addition, the head of the group has to send the scanned first pages of credit books (with the student’s photo) or scanned student ID cards to identify the student during the exam to the department’s email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The subject line of the letter should indicate the number of your academic group.

5. 5-10 minutes before the exam starts, you will receive an email with a link to the video conference. To do this, you must have a stable Internet connection, a connected and configured webcam and microphone. If you miss an exam for technical reasons it mean that you’ve missed it without a valid reason.

6. You will be added to the new class entiteled “Pathology-EXAM2020” at  After that, in a video conference, you will have an oral interview about questions of your exam card, as well as microscopic and macroscopic diagnostics. Each student will get one typical microslide and one grossample and must indicate the name of the sample, the staining method (for microslides) and the main pathomorphological changes.

7. To close the Pathology you have to get a positive marks ALL tasks (STEP-1, theoretical answer, microscopic and macroscopic diagnostics).