Scientific center of pathomorphological researches

SCPR was created at the Department of Pathology of the Medical University of Sumy State University in November 2010. The aim of the Center was to create at the university a modern scientific base for fundamental research on the clinical and morphological levels using the latest technologies that meet world standards.

The SCPR is equipped with a modern rotary microtome Shandon Finesse 325, Carl Zeiss Primostar microscop (light) and Carl Zeiss AxioLab 1.0 microscope (luminescent), morphometric complex SEO Scan Lab 2.0”, equipment for histological processing of materials (tissue processor, thermostats, refrigerators produced in Ukraine) and equioment BioRad for electrophoresis of proteins. A wide range of antibodies (about 40) and a sufficient amount of assay reagents are used for diagnostics.  Thank to this, immunohistochemical examinations, as well as a number of specific histochemical studies necessary for qualitative pathologist diagnostics, are conducted only on the basis of SCPR in our region.

Today SCPR fulfills commercial orders on histological studies almost for all private medical institutions in the region, performs immunohistological diagnosis of breast cancer, melanoma and lymphoma for patients of Regional Oncology Center, the direction of immunohistochemical studies for the purposes of scientific researches is being developed.

Proposals for cooperation. The SCPR performs cytological, histological, histochemical and immunohistochemical studies and is ready for scientific collaboration with partners in various fields of pathology. The SCPR can act as a base for internships and training of young professionals and students.

Paid services. SCPR conducts high-quality histological, histochemical and immunohistochemical studies of normal and pathological tissues of humans and experimental animals for scientific purposes and for the needs of practical health care, services are provided both to individuals and legal entities. In addition, the description of the material and its morphometric research are made.



- diagnostics of pathology of lymph glands (1476 UAH);

- examinationof prognostic markers and receptor status of breast tumors (984 UAH);

- diagnostics of tumors from melanin-forming tissue (up to 984 UAH)

- application of one diagnostic antibody for specification of pathogistological diagnosis (246 UAH);

- histological examination of tissue, 1 microslide (111 UAH);

- cytological examination (70 UAH).