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The Department of Pathology was founded in 1994 by prof. A.M. Romaniuk. Despite the small number of staff, in recent years the Department of Pathologyoccupies the leading positions among the structural units of the Medical Institute. Scientific Center for Pathomorphological Research (SCPR) that operates in the structure of the Department provides the clinical and diagnostic services to the inhabitants and carries out a significant part of work for the pathological service of the region. In the framework of the pilot project for the healthcare reforming, the Department of Pathology serves as the pathoanatomical department of the regional hospital, and this experience is unique in our country. SCPR is the only institution in our region that carries out the immunohistochemical examinations, as well as a number of specific histochemical techniques, required for the qualitative pathohistological diagnosis.

Various scientific studies of different pathologies are intensively carried out at the Department of Pathology. The fields of interests of the researchers include ecological morphology, periodontal pathologies, soft tissues calcification, oncopathology of the reproductive system, pathologies of the bones and locomotor system and pathomorphological peculiarities of the impact of H.pylori stomach pathogen.

The representatives of the Department of Pathology have achieved significant scientific results that are proved by the publications in leading scientific journals (including Nature, Cell). The scientists from the Department received different scholarships and grants within the state (the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Regional Administration) and international programmes (Shevchenko Scientific Society (USA), German Academic Exchange Service DAAD (Germany) and Visby Programme scholarships (Sweden).

Two grants for the youth from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine are performed at the Department, and state funding subject is about 4 million UAH. Grant projects are devoted to topical problems with the applied and innovative direction: the development of modern titanium plates for the treatment of fractures of mandible, the study of the diagnostic value of the molecules of adhesion of the cancer embryonic antigen in the oncopathology of the reproductive system and the introduction of “liquid biopsy” technique for diagnosing and monitoring in the treatment of the malignant tumors.

In recent years, the quality of the international activity of the Department of Pathology has increased greatly. The representatives of the department are active participants of the projects and researches jointly with the scientists from the universities of Sweden and Germany. Applications for funding within DAAD are submitted on regular basis. Joint application with the Umea University (Sweden) for Erasmus+KA1 programme became successful due to the affords of the representatives of the department.

The representatives of the department take part actively in the social life of the Medical Institute and University and in different periods hold the positions of the deputy director/dean for scientific work, international activity, occupies the position of the head of the student’ scientific society and the secretary of the selection admission committee.