New Lectures

Dear students! Prof. A. Romaniuk have prepeared a new video lectures. You should watch this lecture during your Pathology lecture according to your schedule. 


Accumulation diseases - watch

Inflammation watch

Blood circulation patgology - watch

Tumores: general concept. Mesenchymal tumors - watch

Epithelial tumores - watch

Blood system diseases - watch

Atherosclerosis and ischemic heart disease - watch

Systemic diseases of connective tissue - watch

Respiratory system pathology - watch

Digestive syspem pathology- watch

Kidney pathology watch

Endocrine pathology watch

Pregnancy pathology watch

Pathology of childhood infectious diseases watch

Pathology of bacterial infections watch

Lectures for 2 semester

Diseases of blood system. Leukemias - download

Diseases of blood system. Anemias - download

General information on tumors - download

Heart and vascular diseases - download

Systemic diseases of connective tissue with autoimmunization - download

Diseases of respiratory system - download

Diseases of stomach and intestine - download

Diseases of liver, gallbladder and pancreas - download

Diseases of urinary tract - download

Endocrine pathology - download

Diseases of nervous system - download

Diseases of pregnancy and puerperal period - download

Perinatal pathology - download

Tuberculosis - download

Intestinal infections - download

Viral infections - download

The infections of children's age - download

Lectures for 1 semester

Introduction to Pathology - download

Metabolic diseases - download

Necrosis - download

Adaptation - download

Disorders of blood circulation - download

Inflammation - download

Immunopathology - download

Classification of the tumors - download

Epithelial tumors - download

A new study guide

Pathology Department of Sumy State University
"Pathological anatomy. Atlas of gross specimens. Part 1. General pathological processes"
Romanyuk A., Karpenko L., Moskalenko R., Kuzenko E., Budko H., Saulyak S., Lyndin M., Reznik A., Piddubnyi A., Sikora V.
A new study guide "Pathological anatomy. Macropreparations satin. Part 1. General pathological processes" was published.
This study guide presents photos of gross specimens of Pathology Department's museum, detailed information about macroscopic pathology diagnosis, classification, aetiology
and complications of pathological processes.
This guide will be useful for students, medical interns and pathologists.
View and download the study guide on the site of the SSU repository: link.

Interactive Atlas of Micropreparations

Pathology department of Sumy State University

"Interactive Atlas of Micropreparations"

A. Romaniyk, E. Kuzenko, A. Piddubnyi, L. Karpenko, R. Moskalenko, H. Budko, M. Lyndin, A. Rieznik, V. Sikora 


Atlas of Micropreparations, part 1

Atlas of Micropreparations, part 2



Matherials for pathology exam

Micropreparations - download


Questions - download

Step-1 tests

 1) Dystrophy – part 1, part 2, part 3.


  2) Adaptation- download.


  3) Circulatory disorders- part 1, part 2.


  4) Inflammation- part 1, part 2, part 3.


  5) Tumores - download


  6) Anemia, leukemia - download


  7) Heart diseases - download


  8) Diseases of the respiratory system - download


  9) Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract - download


  10) Kidney diseases - download


  11) Kidney , endocrine and reproductive system, pregnancy diseases - download


  12) Infections, sepsis - download


  13) Tuberculosis - download


BASE FOR EXAM - download